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Fabknit India Pvt Ltd has a very intensive experience, expertise and the most modern machinery to result dying perfection and achieving uniformity in quality requirements from buyer. The plant is designed for 10 tonne / 50,000 meter production per day of knitted fabrics namely - Hosiery cloth, manmade fabrics i.e.: polyester/cotton/Blended fabrics like cotton polyester blend, lycra blended fabrics.

Production Capacity Detail
Each dyeing machine normally produces one lot in 8/10 hrs and the installed loading capacity is 4750 kg, taking into account the loading loss of 10 % of the installed capacity, a sure shot 10 ton production is assured.


High Temperature Machine: 6 sets (Capacity 50kgs, 150kgs, 300 kgs, 450kgs, 600kgs & 900kgs.)

Low Temperature Machine: 6 sets (Capacity 50kgs, 150kgs, 300 kgs, 450kgs, 600kgs & 900kgs.)

Sample Dyeing machine: 2 sets (Capacity 10kgs & 25kgs)

Squeezer (Bianco, Italy): 1 set

Hydro Extractor: 1 set

Tensionless Flat Dryer: 1 set

Compacting Calender (Bianco,Italy): 1 set

APT4 Tubular rope opener with two padders (Bianco,Italy): 1 set

APT4 Tensionless tubular rope opener (Bianco,Italy): 1 set

Hot air stenter: 1set

Reversing machine

Two Boilers – IBL, Thermopack – Thermotech systems

Five Tumbler dryers / Pole Dryers



A fully equipped laboratory with data color photo spectrometer USA


We are using Bianco S.p.A(Italy) machins in our dyeing section as it gives quality, optimal productivity, and minimum energy of consumption. We are having an aims for genuine quality every minute of the day ,that's why we are using the best machinery to dye qualities products.

Knitting Unit

We have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure unit for manufacturing our range of Knitted Fabrics and Garments. For manufacturing our wide product range, we make use of quality yarns & latest knitting techniques. Thus, we have divided our infrastructure into various departments where each department is equipped with advanced machinery and tools. Some of the machines installed at our manufacturing unit includes:

Circular Kitting Machines Mini: This machine is easy to use Jacquard selection technology which is been matched in terms of quality and operational production reliability at present we have 30" * 24" sinker jacquard machinery installed

Circular Knitting Machines Single Jersey: We have installed Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines in different gauge. The needle and sinker movement of these machines are precisely controlled which results in more attractive stitch.

These machines are maintained and serviced regularly by our experienced professionals for high operational efficiency standards.

We are using the machine of terrot for manufacturing our products . as this has achieved an outstanding position in the development and manufacture of circular knitting machines over a period of more than 140 years. With the revised range of Single-Jersey circular knitting machines, Terrot is setting the standard in development, design and construction. Particularly when performance and quality are to the fore, the name of Terrot is not far away. The whole concept of the range has been updated with regard to better economy, production reliability and flexibility. The needle and sinker movements are precisely controlled in all phases of stitch formation. The result is something to be seen: more attractive stitch patterns, fewer faults and higher efficiency at extremely high continuous speeds.

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